Patricias Room-Hippie Jeans

This is a pair of Levi’s bell-bottoms jeans that I have kept since they were handed down to me by my big brother in 1973.  Once he outgrew them, I inherited them and wore them for over a year before they fell into quite a state of disrepair.  In 1974 at the end of the fall semester, I asked my high school art teacher if I could patch them for a final project.  She agreed because she was a hip teacher, so I patched them and embroidered  on them and continued to wear them for a couple of more years. Later, I moved to Washington, D.C. and though they were no longer in vogue, I resurrected them and wore them to become part of a crowd scene at the Smithsonian Mall for the filming of the movie Hair in the spring of ’78.

Since then, they have remained packed and were only worn by my daughter for a Halloween costume a number of years ago.  Most patches are made from cotton material I purchased for the project.  The knees are red velvet.  The newer iron on patches were placed on them when my daughter wore them. The size of these jeans is 28 x 32.  I have decided to let go of them after all these years, hoping someone out there will appreciate the work that went into them and will repair them to their former glory.  As you can see by the pictures, the backside patches need to be resewn and one butt cheek is ripped.  They still have the orange “Levis” tab on the backside, but it is covered with patches.


Update:  These are now going to Bellamy of Seattle, Washington, who has promised me to revive and enjoy them as much as I have.  Thank you Bellamy!

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